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The Wicked Nine are a collection of magical objects that appear in the Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First. They are nine objects that belonged to nine Disney Villains.


The Wicked Nine are nine magical objects that belonged to the most devious of villains. If they are brought together, they will unleash unspeakable power. For this reason, the Protectors scattered these nine objects all over the EverRealm. Only the evil sorceress Vor knew where they all were.

The Wicked Nine are as follows:

  • Jafar's Snake Staff
  • Maleficent's Staff (the Spinning Wheel's spindle)
  • Ursula's Necklace
  • Mor'du's Claw
  • The Sword of Shan Yu (The Falcon's Eye)
  • Dr. Facilier's Hat
  • Lady Tremaine's Key
  • Mother Gothel's Sundrop Flower
  • The Evil Queen's Crown and Heart Box