Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Toad
Age: 50+
Friends: Zooter, Ellyvan, Bungo, Bobby, Taxicrab, Carla, Hippobus, The Beetlebugs, Lance, Dozer, Mrs Jolly, Crocker
Voiced by: Ron Obrach
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Toadhog is a grumpy and badluck toad, which likes worms and Fi-Fi flies and doesn't usually smile. He has a long, sticky tongue that can shoot out a long way to grab things. His name derives from Road Hog - an inconsiderate or selfish motorist. He also seems to be responsible for Jungle Junctions power supply - his water wheel powers the generator for all of the lights (including the traffic lights) (see Hiccup Power) and he has a supplementary generator that is used to power the Zipsmas lights.