Tunip the Vegimal

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Tunip the Vegimal
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Octonauts
Also known as: Tunip
Occupation: Chef and Gardener
Species: Vegimal
Age: 10+
Friends: Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Tweak, Professor Inkling, Barrot, Tominnow, Grouber, Codish
Catchphrase(s): "(adorable noises in Vegimalese)"
Voiced by: Michael C. Murphy

Tunip the Vegimal is one of the characters in Octonauts. He is a cook and gardener.


Tunip is half vegetable, half animal, like all the Vegimals! He loves to make kelp cakes and work in the garden pod.


Tunip and the other Vegimals are playful, but they know they can do their jobs like cooking and gardening.


  • Tunip always faints at shocking news.
  • Tunip and the rest of the vegimals can speak in a different language that Shellington could understand.
  • Tunip is eager to offer the fellow Octonauts some fish biscuits.
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