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Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Animal Mechanicals
Species: Unicorn
Age: 14
Friends: Mouse (best friend), Komodo, Sasquatch, Rex (love interest)
Catchphrase(s): Nothing Possibie For Animal Mechanicals!
First Appearance: Turbo Bean Trouble
Last Appearance: Mechana Cricket King Island
Voiced by: Leah Ostry

Unicorn is a pink and purple unicorn and is the only Animal Mechanical who cannot walk bipedal. She is very cheerful and sporting. Unicorn is very considerate and is usually seen with Rex.


Her ability is Mechana Fly.The horn on her head can be made to blink like a beacon, allowing other creatures to follow her while she is flying. When flying, her legs are bent backwards and her hooves become rocket boosters, propelling her through the air. Her wings are folded inside her back, except when in use where they provide direction and speed control. Unicorn can also throw lightning, and create a whirlwind with her horn.


Unicorn is pink with a bit of purple. Her mane and tail is yellow. Her muzzle and joints are white.