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Introducing Myself

Hi! My name is Marco-Cheung, This is my first time visit on this wiki from End of April, 2020.

  • Greeting to the others because i was became a different kinds of fans, So that i can see my informations were has been looked. It seems I'm going to browsing other wikis as i wanted because i am going to do with the important things, Mostly i like to being both Disney and Disney Junior, Because i am going to watching episodes any kinds of TV Shows or listens to different kinds of music on YouTube. In the future, the Website has been gone and then i will went to DisneyNOW starts browsing as i wants to playing games.
  • Recently, I browsed Jake and the Neverland Pirates Wiki for a last year, but now i am be banned by admin. When i am going to appealing the block, that means i cannot edit anything. See My Profile on Jake and the NeverLand Pirates Wiki. And now, I'm going to browse on Disney Wiki to help expanding stub pages as i want and then to continue editing which pages as i needed, and also with their talk with their friends.
  • When i was young, I'm currently going to Playhouse Disney Website so that i can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins and Jungle Junction.
  • When i am tall and strong, I am going to like The Lion Guard and Vampirina for a last time. Also, i visited Jungle Junction and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a last two years, Instead of Handy Manny and Special Agent Oso for a long time ago.
  • Mostly, I already played Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, Lion Guard and Sheriff Callie's Wild West games on Disney Junior for a last year.
  • So I'm going to expanding the stub pages, creating new pages, uploading new photos, post comments on each pages, and more.
  • From now on, I am going to browse any kinds of TV Shows episodes pages as i want. Also, i am having interested to creating merchandise pages as i need. Later on, i am going to creating more episode or gallery page of any kinds of show.

My Hobbies that i have:

  • Making, Collecting photos
  • I like to playing Disney Junior Games, Jake's World, Online games for Jake and the Never Land Pirates.
  • I has just Watched Episodes of Jake and the Never Land Pirates from Season 1-4 from Disney Junior or YouTube. When I was tries to watch DisneyNOW, but there is not available. Which means because i lived in other countries or outside of United States.
  • I Watched videos about the theme song from any kinds of TV Show.
  • I am going to YouTube and i will listens different kinds of music from Disney Junior Shuffle/DJ Shuffle 2, Also with "Pirate Rock", "Yo Ho, Matey!" from The Never Land Pirate Band, Songs and Story of Jake and the Never Land Pirates. At least i also listens to Disney Junior Music, Sofia the First, Sheriff Callie's Wild West album.
  • I'm browsed Disney LOL or Disney Junior website to Colour-in and Making a sticker book

My Goal:

  • To became a Wiki Hero at this wiki

Be a Pirate, Set Sail from Never Land

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I am going to became the Jake's Fan!

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