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Keenness: Extension:




Vampirina: Little Charmers:


Connesess: is an extension: stretch your feelings Power of Perception: From Orginal Elements: Components: magic is the evolve form of Science, Chemistry, Food Rescipes Componet's: Evolved Components.

(1.) Evolve Form: Brain Pathetic Thought of the Mind: or Reading Body language Signal and Signs, or Solving, following every Possible Puzzles Clue: Solving Mysterious without magic: Detective Sleuth

(2.) Evolve Form: Electricity: Rubbing your feet on the floor creates static shock through your finger tips or using your feet to run in a quick passes Velocity speed by going fast, Snapping your fingers to create fire, use your Cold breath to put out the fire.

(3.) Charcoal, Heat fire: Paper turns to Soot: changing the component. Sometime you hear a popping sound, Evolve Form: or into ash: Debris burning dissipated wisp through the Air. In stellar space Debris has no oxygen to create ash fire similar to a glass dome.

(4.) Evolve Form Inviable: Breezy Wind:

(5.) Evolve Form: Shrinking or young: Statous Ice Freeze chamber: Blizzard Chilly: From Bo-Toks:

(6.) Evolve Form: Enlargen: Drinks has it's uses: such a Milk: Stretches Bones: or Gama Radiation: Misty Nimbus Cloud to Cloud Lightening needs to Descend the Storm to cause growth: Paradine Conversion Cumulus White clouds in Nimbus Dark Clouds.

(7.) Evolve Form: Strength: From Protein Strengthen Thicken Bones,

(8.) Evolve Form: Carrots: See Farther:

(9.) Pickles; Speed up Potassium:

(10.) Onion's, Jalapeño: causes Crying Tears:

(11.) Kinesthesis: Stretch your hand pointing the pivotal direction towards Object, push or pull floating towards your destination: Similar to a magnet: Deflect Repel Push, or Pull Gravitate Attach: The Component Element is there: Magic is Evolve version of Science: Be-careful of Handlement.