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Vampirina Hauntley
Vampirina Hauntley
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Vampirina
Occupation: Ghoul Guide
Woodchuck Woodsie (currently)
Ghoul Girls lead singer/lead guitarist
Species: Vampire
Relatives: Oxana Hauntley (mother), Boris Hauntley (father), Nanpire (grandmother), Grandpop (grandfather), Olga (aunt), Deiter (uncle), Nosferatu (cousin), Goopy (cousin), Agatha (aunt), Wolfgang (great-great-great-great grandpup)
Friends: Poppy Peepleson, Bridget, Edgar Peepleson, Edna Peepleson, Demi, Gregoria, Chef Remy Bones, Dragos the Dancer, King Pepi, Scream Girls, Phoebe Ravenson, Alice and Desmond Ravenson, Uncle Bob, Frankie Bolt
Enemies: Poltergeist Pat
Voiced by: Isabella Crovetti

Vampirina "Vee" Hauntley is the main protagonist of the Disney Junior animated series Vampirina. She is a young vampire whose family moved from Transylvania, Romania to Pennsylvania to open a local Scare Bed n' Breakfast.