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Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Gaspard and Lisa
Occupation: Middle School Student
Species: Dog/Canis lupus familiaris (Breed: Bull Terrier)
Age: 13
Relatives: Mom
Lisa (younger sister)
Lila (youngest sister)
Lisa's Grandpa (paternal grandmother)
Friends: Charles
Voiced by: Bessie Cursons United Kingdom


Victoria is Lisa's older sister in Gaspard and Lisa.


Both she and Charles share the distinction of being occasionally snobbish to Gaspard and Lisa, although Charles is slightly nicer. She also seems to resent Lisa when she pushed her little sister's books off the shelf or scatter the puzzle Lisa made. Her only compliment to Lisa occurred when Lisa learned to ride a bicycle without training wheels.


Victoria is a white Bull Terrier dog. She has a black nose, and tiny entirely black eyes. She wears a pink ballet dress with a ribbon, and she is a white dog who is taller than Gaspard and Lisa, but shorter than Charles. She stands on 2 legs.