Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Pig
Age: 7
Friends: Ellyvan (best friend), Bungo, Crocker, Toadhog, Dozer, Carla, Hippobus, Lance, Mrs Jolly, Taxicrab, The Beetlebugs, Bobby
Voiced by: Janet James
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JungleJunction zooter
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Zooter is the main protagonist of Jungle Junction


Zooter is energetic, who is the jungle messenger. She lives in the town in a treehouse. Everyone knows Zooter, she has a real 'can
4 jungle junction-(smily, toadhog!
do' spirit and always keen to help. The speediest of the jungle inhabitants, she's running errands and spreading the latest news and gossip.
1 jungle junction-(muddy zooter

Muddy zooter

She knows the jungle inside out and uses a bewildering network of shortcuts that only she understands. She likes nothing better than whiling away.
her spare time with her long term partner Ellyvan having just graduated from Miss Jolly's school as the 3rd beetlebug


Zooter is pink and is a piglet scooter, with a British accent, she's cute, friendly, full of energy, Zooter and Ellyvan are now engaged
Zooters delivery 164x104


For more pictures and screenshots of Zooter, click here.New Baby for Ellyvan and Zooter now known as (Spotty)